When Your Cowgirl Gets Fucked by Walmart’s Walmart Cowgirl

Posted October 16, 2018 08:29:10A cowgirl at a Walmart store in the US was getting a little bit of a surprise last month when a customer asked if she wanted to fuck her.

When the cowgirl answered “yes” she was met with some surprise as the customer proceeded to show her a picture of her, only for the cow girl to respond “that’s my cowgirl”.

Walmart was very kind to the cow and the customer and they both got fucked.

The cowgirl was not happy with the customer’s behaviour and called Walmart to complain, but Walmart did not take the matter very seriously.

The customer was later asked to leave Walmart and the cow was told that she was being “misled”.

A Walmart spokesperson said: “We were sorry to hear that one of our associates was offended by our customer’s actions, and have reached out to her.

We are committed to fostering a workplace that is safe, respectful and inclusive.”

A video posted by Walmart Cowgirls (@walmartcowgirls) on Oct 16, 2016 at 3:49:25Read moreShe did not expect Walmart to take it so well, and was left to feel the consequences.

“When I told my manager about what happened, she told me to go home and that I should call the police,” she said.

“She even said she had a warrant out for my arrest, but I was not able to show my ID because I didn’t have one.”

I was left feeling that I had no choice but to get help and to go to the police department.

“Walmart did not want to comment on this specific case, but did say that their support is with cowgirls in all situations, and will always be there for them.

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