‘Cowspiracy’ will be aired on Israel’s Channel 2 news

The latest episode of the “Cowspiriting” show will air on Israel-US channel “Zionist News” on March 18.

“Cowscience” is an international show that explores the world of science from a scientific perspective.

Its purpose is to provide viewers with unbiased information on all aspects of the scientific community and to share it with them,” the channel said.

The series is produced by a team of Israeli scientists, who include a professor of medicine and professor of science and technology from the Israel Academy of Sciences, as well as researchers from the National Science Foundation, the Hebrew University and the Hebrew universities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The show was created by three scientists and one director in partnership with Israeli film producer and filmmaker David Algade, who is also an author of the book “The Cowspiracy: Israel’s Cows in a World of Conspiracy” (Kissinger Books).

Algade said that the show will “expose the facts that are hidden from the public.”

According to Algades website, the show follows the adventures of a couple in the West Bank who become entangled in a conspiracy to control the global food supply, the establishment of a global super-corporation that has no limit on its power, and a cabal of international criminals, which are trying to destroy humanity.

In the episode, a woman is forced to become a member of a secret group that works with a foreign power to take over the world’s food supply and control the human population.

The plot unfolds through three episodes.

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