When The Cowgirls Were Real: The Women Behind the ‘Cowgirls’ Restaurant in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES—A year after opening the Cowgirls, the legendary Mexican restaurant that is considered the birthplace of cowgirl cooking in the US, has been sold to the owners of an upscale Beverly Hills hotel, where the new owners plan to open a restaurant with a more upscale focus.

The new owners, who declined to be identified because the deal is confidential, said the Cowgirl, a restaurant that was based at the Beverly Hilton hotel, was a major source of pride for them.

The Cowgirl was an institution for women from Mexico, said Joanne Kline, who manages the Cowesseria’s culinary team.

The restaurant opened in 1977, and has served customers in Los Feliz, Santa Monica, Culver City and elsewhere in Southern California for more than 50 years.

The original owners were Mexican-Americans who emigrated to the United States in the 1930s, and opened the restaurant as an extension of the restaurant business, Kline said.

In a statement, the Cowiese owners said they are excited about the future of the Cowboyse restaurant and hope to welcome more customers and guests.

They will open a location in the Beverly Hills area, and Kline will oversee all operations and staff, including the restaurant’s menu and other food offerings.

The hotel, which will be named the Cowers Inn, will serve as the Cow Girl’s new home.

The owners are expected to begin leasing space for Cowgirl in the coming months.

The move comes as the restaurant prepares to expand its menu and improve its service, the restaurant said.

It is not clear how much the new ownership plans to charge for the Cowie restaurant, which has been open since 1977.

Kline declined to provide additional details on how much rent the Cowyse is paying.

The sale is the latest move in a long-running battle between Cowgirl owners and the owners who run the Beverly Center for the Performing Arts, which operates the restaurant.

The Beverly Center has been run by the Cowey family for decades, and the restaurant is one of its longest-running properties.

A Beverly Center spokeswoman declined to comment.

The deal is part of a broader deal for Cowgirls owner and owner-operator, James A. Cowey Jr., which was finalized earlier this month.

The company is moving to build a $50 million, 200,000-square-foot facility in Beverly Hills.

A spokeswoman for the Beverly center declined to disclose the number of Cowgirls locations the Cowy family owns in the area.

Cowgirls owners have long struggled to attract customers.

Cowgirl’s owners have had trouble keeping up with a steady stream of new customers, and restaurant sales have declined for years.

Cowie’s owner-operator, John Cowey, has said the restaurant will be able to survive without the Coweses because of the expansion of the Beverly area.

“The Cowgirls is a symbol of a community that has been through some incredible and difficult times,” Cowie said in a statement.

“I want the Cowries to know that I will continue to be there for them, and for the family.

The future of Cowies is bright.”

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