Why Trump’s Women’s Empowerment Policy Is a Bad Idea

A former senior advisor to President Donald Trump has revealed that the president’s decision to ban trans women from the military was actually part of a strategy to “disempower” women.

The revelation came after Trump announced that transgender women who had undergone gender reassignment surgery would be banned from serving in the military in 2021.

“This is not about protecting women,” said former White House adviser Sally Bradshaw.

“This is about disempowering women.

This is about dismantling the institutions of power that are necessary for a democracy to function.”

Bradshaw told BuzzFeed News that the decision to prohibit trans people from serving was made because the president was worried that transgender people would “lose their sense of identity” and would “take away” their “right to serve”.

“Transgender women are the backbone of our military and we need them to continue to be the backbone,” she added.

“We need them in the combat zones, in the field, on the front lines.

We need them serving in our country, and we have a lot of them already.

And this was part of an effort to disemplace women.”

Bradsh said the White House was trying to convince Congress that trans women were “an invasion of women’s privacy” and “not deserving of the same protections as men”.

“The president, as a matter of principle, has said that trans people should not be able to serve in the armed forces,” she said.

“And yet he has a strategy that disempowers trans women.

We know this because his staff has been pushing for this policy.

We have heard his aides talk about the ‘disenfranchisement of trans people’.”

The President is saying that trans men and trans women don’t deserve equal protection under the law.

We don’t want him to be able come into the country and discriminate against us.

We want him not to discriminate against trans people, but to displace them.

“Bradham said Trump’s policy was “a direct response to the rise of the transgender movement”.

She said: “This administration has been the most vocal supporter of the trans movement, and has promoted the idea that trans and gender nonconforming people should be allowed to serve, and that the transgender community should be treated equally.”

She added: “In the last five years, transgender people have been able to receive the very same medical care and benefits as other Americans, and have been awarded the same military service medals.”

The Trump administration’s refusal to allow trans people to serve is part of this movement, which is a direct response, not only to the transgender people, to the anti-trans sentiment that has been growing in the US, but also to the broader anti-democratic sentiment that is also growing in our society.”

Bradley said the president and his advisers believed trans people “were the real enemy” and that they “needed to be eliminated”.

She added that the US military was the most segregated in the world and that it was “not even a safe space for people of colour”.

Bradshaw added that she was shocked by Trump’s decision, adding that it showed that “the White House has no concept of reality.”

She said that she and others who worked for the White Houses Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for the past six years were “deeply concerned” about Trump’s “overreach” on transgender people.

She said she “hadn’t expected anything to happen in the first place”.

Bradham described how the president had tried to get her to change her position and that she had not been able do so.

She added how she had repeatedly called and emailed HHS, urging the president to “stop it”.

“But there is no way for him to make that call,” she continued.

“You have to get your staff to get in touch with the White HOUSE and make a decision about whether or not to do it.”

I have always believed that the only way you can have the greatest impact on the transgender population is to have the support of the President.

It’s not that I was afraid of him; I was terrified of the consequences of him making that call.

“If you don’t have the president, you have no chance.”

She told BuzzFeed, “I am very disturbed by what’s happened and I don’t believe there’s any other way for the President to deal with this than to make the call.

We’re talking about a huge, massive military that he is running.

He has said he wants to send the transgender troops to war.

We are not there.

And he is making that very clear to the military leadership.”

Bradis added that her support for the transgender service was “one of the reasons” why she had worked for Trump.

“He knows that the vast majority of the military is going to vote for him,” she explained.

“And I believe he is the only one who can help them.

The only one.”

Bradys mother, Barbara, was also shocked by the news.

“To tell the truth

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