Cowgirls are coming out of retirement to play live in Dublin

A group of cowgirls from around the country are set to perform in Dublin this weekend.

The Cowgirls of Ireland are the first of their kind in the country, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

The group of Irish cowgirls are based in Co Dublin.

The cowgirls said they want to showcase the “unique and beautiful” Cowgirl culture.

“We hope to create a sense of unity, a sense that we are all together,” said Joanne McManus, a Cowgirl from Co. Cork.

The annual Cowgirl Show has been held since 1921.

It takes place in front of a live audience at The Opera House.

The show features cowgirls performing in their favourite dance moves and singing cowgirl songs.

The event is not a charity event, but Cowgirls Ireland are taking donations to help support their work.

“It’s not just about the performers themselves, it’s also about the cows and all the milk cows that go into our food and that’s really important,” said Ms McManuses.

The performance will take place on Saturday, February 15 at Theatre of Ireland.

It is the last show of the year, and the Cowgirls hope to attract crowds for years to come.

The charity has more than 250 Cowgirl performers, as well as a number of other animal welfare organisations.


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